Research Associate

Kartik Chincholikar

Based in India

After completing my degree in mechanical engineering from Pune University, I found myself working part-time as a badminton coach, which is the sport I have loved to practice and play since school. Working part-time allowed me to find time to explore the internet to learn subjects I found exciting, such as Artificial Intelligence.

At Equitech Futures, I am keen to understand ways in which we can make the most of domain knowledge, while allowing data to do the rest of the work. My current research interests include applying AI to the domain of Histopathology Image Analysis. More broadly, I am interested in studying Geometric Deep Learning. Also, I am always on the lookout for cool pedagogical tools and resources.

Prior to Equitech Futures, I was part of a start-up which gamifies running and health. I have also worked on data-driven badminton analysis, where we try to understand a player’s “pattern of play” using data. I periodically upload videos to my YouTube channels: “Kartik C” where I teach AI and “Badminton School Hindi” where I teach badminton. I strongly support the ongoing movement to make education of the highest quality accessible to everyone via the internet.