Research Associate

Shreyansi Jain

Based in the United Kingdom

I am currently completing my masters in statistics at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom) following a bachelor’s degree (honours) in economics from the University of Delhi (India). With two years of experience in actuarial consulting, I have gained working proficiency in the programming language R and am continually working towards developing knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Through this, I wish to leverage data science to solve challenges related to social inequality and address policy-relevant questions.

I am an alumna of the Applied Data Institute at Equitech Futures wherein I was first introduced to artificial intelligence. During the course, I had the opportunity to learn different use cases and gained a deeper understanding of how AI's potential can be harnessed for the social good. This experience also connected me with like-minded people and invited me to engage in insightful discussions about the state of AI. Following the 10-week institute, I started working with both Equitech Futures and NawiriTech (an Equitech Futures company) to design and facilitate effective data training programs to help individuals from non-data fields to conduct statistical analysis and build an understanding of statistical reports.

Beyond Equitech Futures, I volunteer with Statistics Without Borders, a group that provides analytical services to help ‘developing countries.’ Additionally, given my interest in teaching, I freelance as a statistics tutor.