Research Associate

Stacy Kozlovska

Based in Ukraine

Since I was a teacher trainee during university practice, I've become passionate about improving educational systems. I firmly believe data science can become the key to providing personalized and effective education to everyone who needs it. And I'm excited to work towards turning that into reality.

At Equitech Futures, I enjoy collaborating with other motivated professionals to address emerging real-world problems with AI tools. The faculty and staff share my values and provide great support, and the variety of backgrounds in the team brings significant advantages for finding innovative solutions. These factors assist my research of students' interaction with virtual learning environments and inspire me to persevere toward my professional goals. With the faculty's guidance, I'm using clickstream data from online courses to determine at-risk students early on their learning journey and identify study patterns that lead to better results.

Beyond Equitech Futures, I actively improve my professional skills through other hands-on projects and courses. I have experience working as a data science intern at Pulsotronic on an agricultural tech project based in Germany. It is exciting to see how analyzing sensor data from harvesting machines can benefit the climate and prevent food shortages. Also, I am taking a data science course at Turing College, where I'm bridging a gap in my technological background and mastering programming and ML tools.

In addition to my passion for tackling real-world problems with data science, I enjoy doing aerial gymnastics, dancing, sewing, learning psychology, and watching movies. By the way, I believe versatile hobbies can largely contribute to creative thinking in professional work, and I plan to leverage this idea when building improved educational systems.