Research Manager

Yash Gorana

Based in India

I am passionate about bridging the divide between AI research and product development, providing a clear vision for effectively transforming research outcomes into impactful products. Moreover, my unwavering dedication lies in reducing barriers and obstacles that hinder talented individuals from pursuing research opportunities.

At Equitech Futures, I employ this passion by leading the Research Labs — a diverse group of academic researchers and associates conducting grounded yet impactful interdisciplinary research centred on artificial intelligence. Through fostering collaboration and cultivating an environment that encourages innovation, we aim to develop cutting-edge solutions that tackle real-world challenges and drive progress in the field.

In my previous role at NVIDIA, I was a software engineer and systems architect, engaging in exciting initiatives focused on enhancing our gaming experiences software products - GeForce Experience and GeForce NOW. One of my notable accomplishments was spearheading the expansion of GeForce NOW to browsers, iOS devices, and Smart TVs.

I hold a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune.

When I'm not at work, you can typically find me at the closest gym, on the football (soccer) field, or at my desk – either engaged in competitive gaming or indulging in my artistic side by experimenting with watercolors to bring vibrant landscapes to life.