Research Associate

Yevhen Herasimov

Based in Ukraine

Back in 2020, I would not have thought of associating my work with Artificial Intelligence and programming. Fast forward to today, I’m working as a Research Associate with Equitech Futures. Together with a great team, I’m utilizing Computer Vision models to classify patients' breast cancer stage from biopsy images. AI provides new solutions to old problems and has proven to be useful in many sectors of our life.

We are a diverse team here at Equitech Futures, which makes it very interesting to work and communicate with my colleagues. I’m constantly developing new skills and solving problems which makes research here very exciting. As an alum of the Applied Data Institute, it was great to hear about different use cases of AI, to discuss its impact on society, and to connect with other people who share similar motivations.

I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Ukraine with plans to apply for a Master’s program related to AI. Previously, I worked as a Python Backend Engineer, but transitioned into the Data Science field, as I find it much more impactful and interesting. I’m also passionate about public speaking and would love to help other people grow in their lives and their careers by sharing my own knowledge and experience.