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Equitech Futures is a global fellowship and innovation lab dedicated to unlocking scientific and technological breakthroughs that benefit everyone.  

Built in partnership with the world’s
top universities and institutions.

The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed.

What if we empower a new generation of innovators from anywhere in the world with emerging technological tools so they can tackle urgent global challenges?

Our Vision

Reimagining how technology can be used for the global good.

We start with live, online, project-based courses delivered in small groups. From there, we invest in our talented alumni across borders through research, venture fellowships, and in-person conferences.

Whether you want to apply data science to problems in healthcare or design policy interventions to combat misinformation, we give you the tools, perspectives, and networks to accelerate your ambitions.

Our Approach

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Applied Data Institute

An intensive 10-week program that empowers recent graduates and young professionals from STEM and computational social science backgrounds to become the next generation of data-savvy leaders in their respective careers. Our research-based curriculum, led by world-class faculty, provides a deep and practical understanding of Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence across various domains.

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Civic Tech Institute

A 10-week program for recent graduates and emerging leaders in the social sector - governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises - to practice the data and technology skills critical to achieving impact at scale. Our project-based curriculum, anchored in small-group learning, provides a foundational understanding of data science and AI tools as applied to public health, climate change, and networked societies.

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Equitech Scholars

An 8-week program for current undergraduates from all disciplines who want to learn how to use cutting-edge technology tools in data science and artificial intelligence to tackle societal challenges. Through cohort-based classes, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the Equitech Scholars program provides the next generation of technology leaders with the skills, perspectives, and community necessary to accelerate their ambitions.

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What our
graduates think

Our Alumni

"While working toward becoming a mental health researcher, I loved being part of a group of diverse and smart individuals from all over the world who are creating impact in their communities. It made for really enriching conversations."


Sharon Nafuna, Uganda

"The faculty crafted an inclusive learning environment, sensitive to the resources I lacked in my country, including stable internet access. It was really motivating to surround myself with fellow innovators who were so driven to go above and beyond. I'll have these friends for a lifetime."


Shakani Chiradza, Zimbabwe

“One of the biggest things Equitech Futures focuses on, and I find really lacking in this world right now, is collaboration over competition. The community came forward to support me in being bold about my vision and paving a different path for myself. I realized that there were more people supporting me and celebrating me rather than pushing me down.”


Aryan Gupta, India

"Despite growing up near Silicon Valley, I did not study STEM in college. Yet I was always curious about how technology can be used to solve problems. Equitech Futures gave me the opportunity to learn data science and AI surrounded by a curious, supportive global community that really made me feel at home."


Oscar Tran, United States

“I always wanted to find a place that would challenge me to grow as a professional and as a change-maker, a place where my voice would be heard and I could freely discuss struggles and ideas. Equitech Futures turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.”


Anastasiia Kozlovska, Ukraine

Our mission is to make innovation more inclusive.