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A venture studio for alumni talent

Today, the majority of venture funding tends to favor innovators from a handful of institutions and cities in the world. We are missing out on exceptional, hardworking minds from diverse backgrounds and from different corners of the world. In turn, the world is missing out on the most promising ideas to tackle urgent challenges.

Here’s how we’re building a more inclusive approach to innovation:

Venturing Beyond Boundaries

As a venture studio, we have curated a deep talent network comprising hardworking, globally-minded technical innovators from over 48 different countries. We bridge campus grounds and startup ecosystems to build strong teams with global aspirations

Fully funded

Entrepreneurship is a privilege for those with a safety net and reliable friends and family round of funding. We fund our founders with a year of runway and deep co-founding support because we believe there’s opportunity to catch by extending the safety net and enabling more risk taking

Invest in technologists

We don’t invest in ‘technology’ – we invest in technologists. People who know how to build with tech. Data science and Artificial Intelligence are the technical building blocks of our future and we need more diverse architects at the drafting table.

Our approach

Exponential impact, sustainable growth

We invest in opportunities that leverage AI and data science to address global problems and make significant impact in Climate, Education, and Healthcare. We focus our time, talent, and capital on creating revenue generating businesses that solve real problems -- not unicorn hunting

Deep technical expertise

Science and research is in our DNA -- we’ve been working on AI before it was cool and we’re interested in the the unflashy, high impact applications.  For example, almost every country today faces serious challenges to state capacity. E.g., in the UK, the backlog in the NHS and courts can take over a decade to clear. AI tools can potentially improve state capacity if used well

Innovating in AI application

The current VC landscape for AI is focused on model developers (e.g., OpenAI/Anthropic) and infrastructure building (e.g., Databricks). We don't want to compete here. Instead, we want to use existing AI models and make them usable in specific contexts in the real world

Our Portfolio

Measuring Carbon Emissions across time and space for zero emissions

Combining satellite data from disparate sources to enable accurate and reliable carbon emission measurements globally.

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Shaping data-empowered citizens for Africa

We equip aspiring African change makers with data and problem-solving skills to accelerate social impact. Fully funded, and open to all academic disciplines!

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