Anna Upreti

Equitech Scholars

Anna Upreti, Noida (India), is a rising junior at Ashoka University majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics.  She is a data scientist and entrepreneur who is passionate about fostering empathy through data and bringing the power of technology to arenas that traditionally do not have access to them. Anna is the founder and director of Tikavach, a youth organization that works towards increasing awareness about vaccinations and improving immunization rates in rural India. She has worked as a data science intern at Outline India where she worked on NLP-based thematic analysis of qualitative data and automating data science processes that aim to create an impact at grassroots levels. Through her experience as an EquiTech Scholar, Anna aims to explore how to use AI and data science to build inclusive mental health platforms. She has also been working on collecting stories and data of sexual violence victims and centering the stories of survivors of sexual violence.