Daniel van Zyl

South Africa
Equitech Scholars

Daniel van Zyl, a student from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, completed the Equitech Scholars Program alongside his BSc in Computer Science, cum laude, in 2022. Following the Scholars program, he participated in the first ever “AI and ML in Healthcare” Summer School, offered online by the University of Cambridge; and is now seeking to intern in a local Machine Learning consulting business whilst completing his Honours degree.

The Equitech Scholars Program was a unique opportunity for Daniel to learn a more applied approach to Machine Learning and Data Science – one starkly different to his university experience. Moreover, the program helped hone Daniel’s communication skills, and allowed him to create meaningful connections with the rest of the Scholars, something he cherished greatly. He was immensely honoured to be amongst the three Scholars awarded with the Kevin Xu Prize for Community Building. Daniel has a passion for Data Science, but also for public speaking, and he aims to combine his skills to make an impact in the fields of both healthcare and climate change. Daniel is a keen spirit, with a good sense of humour (at least he thinks so) – and he is ambitious to make a difference.