Furui Yang

Equitech Scholars

Furui Yang is a student of Taxation Science at the Central University of Finance and Economics. She is interested in the use of data science for green policy making, and has worked as a research assistant with the International Institute of Green Finance. Her experience also extends to the Development Research Centre of the State Council in Beijing, where she participated in the 2021 Global Energy Transition High-level Forum. After finishing with Equitech Scholars (Class of 2022), she continued to strengthen skills in data science and practiced writing code.  

In September 2022, she joined the Business Analysis Department of JD.COM as a data analysis intern. With a background in economics and finance, Furui Yang wants to approach nature conservation and global warming with a multidisciplinary lens. Her goal as an Equitech Scholar is to expand her skillset through AI and data science tools to better understand technology and its interaction with the world of green policy. In the future, she will continue to learn knowledge in various fields, and strive to apply data analysis skills to more critical social issues in the near future, so as to bring some changes to the world.