Gift Wilfred Enang

Applied Data Institute

As a graduate of biochemistry from the Madonna University, Elele Campus, Nigeria, Gift Wilfred in 2015 began working with a food manufacturing company which focused on enriching lives and improving overall health. She was responsible for monitoring, evaluating and controlling the products and ensuring it met quality standards. During that time she developed an interest in the use of data for evaluation and decision making, especially decisions that foster human health and development.

This spurred her to pursue a master's degree in public health, specialising in environmental health sciences from the prestigious university of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, where she carried out a research on water quality and developed a water safety plan for piped water supplies in her home country, Nigeria.

Additionally, her love for making informed decisions especially within the health space spurred her into learning more about data science at Equitech where she collaborated and worked with other professionals towards improving her skills and expertise with data.

Focused on joining the global pool of professionals in improving health, she is set to continue her educational career by pursuing a PhD in bioinformatics where she will carry out research work that influence public health, using biological data.