Gloria Mariwa

Rise Finalists

Gloria Mariwa is a unique Kenyan high school student that aspires to be an Aerospace/Computer/Robotics engineer in the near future. Equitech Futures and Gloria met through the Rise for the Finalist Benefit Artificial Intelligence (AI) course in the summer of 2022. From a tender age, she has always been interested in tech and finding out how things worked. Not only were Gloria’s burning questions about Artificial Intelligence answered but she also luckily made lifelong international friends during the 5-week course.

Apart from tech, Gloria is extremely passionate about football. She participated in the Red Bull football (soccer) freestyling competition in 2022 and represented Kenya in the regional finals of Africa. Gloria is curious about outer space, learning languages, learning different cultures, and coding. Gloria identified the lack of equal support between men's and women’s sports and created 14thgunner. 14thgunner was her Rise project in 2022 that focuses on promoting women’s sports, specifically women’s football (soccer). She is currently working on closing the diversity gap in gender and ethnicity due to negative past experiences. Gloria believes that multiple current-day issues would be solved once the diversity gap is closed due to different points of view in various situations.