Joseph Ariel Christopher Teja

Equitech Scholars

Joseph grew up in Surabaya, Indonesia. He is a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, majoring in Data Science and Big Data Technology. He previously interned at Ruparupa, an e-commerce company based in Indonesia, as a data scientist intern in charge of creating a sales forecasting solution. He also has prior internship experience working at VAST Transport Intelligence, a vehicle GPS provider, where he was in charge of analyzing incident report data and improve on its incident alert system.

The Equitech Scholars Program taught him the skills needed to be a responsible AI Architect, the biggest of which is assessing, auditing, and managing potential risks an AI application might have. He is currently aspiring to be a data scientist in the NLP field. He is currently interested in learning about NLP and the mathematics of deep learning. His goal is to create more personable and human-centric AIs which can assist people in different aspects of living.