Kexin Xu

United Kingdom
Equitech Scholars

Kexin Xu is a third-year B.Sc. Medical Biosciences student at Imperial College London. She is dedicated to healthcare AI and is currently applying for Ph.D. programs in Computational Biology and Health Data Sciences. She has ranked first for two consecutive years in her undergraduate degree and can code in Python, MATLAB, and R. The EquiTech Scholars program consolidated her determination to pursue AI for equitable healthcare.

Supervised by Dr. Abhilash Mishra, she is currently working with Aryan Gupta, Eugene Herasimov, Yash Gorana, and Kartik Chincholikar for the Nightingale competition to predict breast cancer stage from biopsy images.

Some of her previous and current projects include:

1) developing a novel random forest model for correlated health datasets for enhanced feature importance (the model got presented at the European Computational Biology Conference 2022);
2) developing a pipeline for the in-silico mutagenesis and ligand binding analysis of uncrystallised proteins using AlphaFold2 (the project won the Best Industrial Prize in the International Directed Evolution Competition 2021);
3) developing an ageing clock using epigenomics & metabolomics to predict biological age (work in progress).