Niima Yusuf Zango

Equitech Scholars

Niima Yusuf Zango is from Kano State, Nigeria, and is a petroleum engineering student at Bayero University Kano. She currently interns at the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission and is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. As a prospective reservoir engineer, Niima wants to study data science and analytics because of the role they play in the oil and gas industry to control risks, lower production costs, and increase safety. She also possesses a keen interest in climate issues, sustainable development, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. She is interested in eradicating energy poverty in her country by being part of creating a sustainable, energy-efficient future that balances fossil fuels rather than eliminates them. She intends to be an engineer who actively pursues finding solutions to issues that affect her community and is conscious of her ideas. As someone with a team-oriented personality, Niima's takeaway from the Equitech Scholars program was brainstorming problems with people from different educational, social, and cultural backgrounds and creating a collaborative solution.