Oluwade Oluwalonimi Emmanuel

Rise Finalists

Oluwalonimi Oluwade is a student from Ogun State, Nigeria. His dream is to be involved in life changing, innovative designs - inventions that can improve one's day to day living. Currently in his first year studying Mechanical Engineering in Olabisi Onabanjo State University, he believes he's on his way to fulfilling his goal. His plans are that when he finishes his B.Eng., he'll try to go further in the field of innovation and design either by taking a course in mechatronics engineering or something else. In the WASSCE, Oluwalonimi had 5As and 3Bs in subjects including Mathematics, English, Physics, and Chemistry.

He has only one sibling, a sister who is studying Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. His mother is the head of a church, Divine Grace Gospel Ministry International, which is just 3 years old. Equitech Futures came as that little spark needed to reignite his passion for designs and AI. It came as an eye-opener for him as he learnt things that he wouldn't have dreamed of learning in a while. Oluwalonimi is really grateful to Equitech Futures, Rise, and those that made the program happen. Learning the view of an AI architect, it was a very fun and educational experience for him.