Shikhar Johri

Applied Data Institute

Shikhar Johri is an AI Engineer, who works at the research division of TCS India to automate and confront problems in applications related to medical devices using Artificial Intelligence for healthcare firms. Alongside his profession, he collaborates with diverse research groups of clinical researchers around the globe on research to align the advancements of diagnostic analytics in healthcare with the needs of communities. His research interests lie in AI, algorithm optimization, statistics, Image processing, and biomedical sciences. Prior to his current role, he served as a mentor in various open-source events and as the President of RAIOT Laboratory to advance applications of robotics and automation using AI.

Shikhar currently focuses on developing generalized and robust algorithm architectures leveraging diversified predictors jointly to infer latent patterns from massive datasets, in order to address the challenges of bioinformatics-based diagnosis and precision medicines. His key takeaway from the program was to study algorithm fairness and the practical selection of problems and datasets for implementing AI in challenging real-world scenarios. Drawn with these ideas, he aims to pursue a Ph.D. to unite academic and industrial research and solve the most pressing issues using AI to create a positive impact around the world.