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An intensive 10-week program that empowers recent graduates and young professionals from STEM and computational social science backgrounds to become the next generation of data-savvy leaders in their respective careers. Our research-based curriculum, led by world-class faculty, provides a deep and practical understanding of Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence across various domains.
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June 14, 2024
July 15, 2024
Fully Funded Program
Course Timeline : 
October 7 - December 20, 2024
Eligibility : 
Recent graduates and early-career professionals from STEM or computational social science backgrounds.


Launching Data Science and AI Leaders for Social Impact

At the Equitech Applied Data Institute, we empower recent graduates and young professionals to become the next generation of data-savvy leaders in their respective domains. Our research-based curriculum, anchored in small-group learning and led by world-class faculty, provides a practical understanding of applied data science and AI across various domains. How will AI transform law, medicine, and art? How can modern data science tools be used in academic research? The Applied Data Institute will provide the tools, networks, and perspectives you need to thrive in the 21st-century workforce.

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Build Scalable Foundations

Data science tools are often taught as a laundry list of disjointed tools – an approach that fails to build a coherent understanding required to interrogate data in ever-evolving contexts. The ADI will focus on building scalable and robust foundations by digging deep into the roots of the discipline: data collection, measurement, and statistics.

Build Critical Intuition

Tackling complex real-world problems requires a mindset of asking salient questions, experimentation, and a rigorous analytical approach. Through discussion-based classes and the capstone projects, the ADI aims to cultivate a culture of learning like scientists.

Build Effective Solutions

Modern AI applications require dealing with messy and incomplete data. The ADI teaches a data-centric approach to build AI applications in new domains. Learners will critically investigate data collection, data quality, and the biases that might result from bad data.

“Equitech Futures' Applied Data Institute brought me together with exceptionally motivated, thoughtful, and talented people from all over the world. Everything I am doing in the data science field right now is because of the introduction I got from Equitech Futures. I wasn’t sure if I could even get in, but they had confidence in me, and they were the first ones who gave me a chance to learn something in AI.”


Seba Nazary, Germany

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What’s inside

The Curriculum

Modern data science is best learned by doing. While a number of bootcamps and data science courses focus on specific tools (for example, mastering specific packages in Python), we take a different approach. The Applied Data Institute teaches you how to "think like a data scientist" via hands-on projects and "idea labs" that encourage you to explore topics deeply. You will also cultivate the essential skill of "learning to learn" which will equip you to tackle present and future challenges.

What you’ll learn

Foundations of Data Science

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Speaking Lab

Writing Lab

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Capstone Projects

“Being a part of the Applied Data Institute was one of the most remarkable learning experiences in my life. The community was very supportive, the program intense, and the knowledge transfer was timeless. Additionally, weekly seminars with industry practitioners put all the learnings in perspective from a practical sense. If you would like to advance ideas at the frontiers of science, technology, and societal challenges, this is the place for you.”


Mitchell Odhiambo, Kenya

Who is the
program for?

The ideal candidate for the Applied Data Institute is a recent college graduate with technical skills looking to cultivate their skills in the context of data science and AI. We do not consider GPAs or grades in the application process, but we require fluency in programming and mathematical reasoning. We are looking for people who are curious, analytical, persistent, and open-minded when confronted with challenging problems. 

A technical screening will examine candidates for fluency in Python programming (including NumPy, Pandas, & matplotlib) and mathematical reasoning (e.g. algebra, calculus).

Eligibility Criteria

Three criteria for eligibility are:

→ Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree.

→ Applicants must be fluent in Python programming (including NumPy, Pandas, & matplotlib) and be comfortable with algebra and single-variable calculus.

→ Available to commit 20-25 hours per week over 10 weeks of instruction.

We welcome applicants from all professional, geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We particularly encourage women and individuals from underrepresented groups to apply for the Applied Data Institute.

Selection Process

→ Technical Screening will open June 14, 2024

→ Qualifying semifinalists will be invited to submit a written application by August 16, 2024

→ Faculty Interviews will be scheduled with finalists the week of September 2, 2024

→ Admission decisions will be communicated by September 13, 2024


Our faculty are leaders in their respective fields, comprising domain expertise in data science, programming, artificial intelligence, public policy, oral communication, and writing. Most of all, they are jointly committed to the craft of teaching. Our courses are designed for small cohorts of 25 students or fewer, ensuring that you will have bountiful opportunities to connect with our accomplished faculty in class and in individualized coachings.

“Being a part of the Equitech Futures community has given me the opportunity to work with people around the world. After the Applied Data Institute, I joined with a fellow alumnus from Kenya to pitch a new venture. It is a truly global experience.”


Raunaq Jain, India

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Creating a Lifelong Community of Ambitious Minds

At the conclusion of each program term, graduates are entitled to a Certificate of Completion and are welcomed to join the Equitech Alumni Network. This cross-cohort community of talented young innovators share opportunities, collaborate on shared research, and inspire one another. A few of the privileges of alumni status include:

Capstone Projects

Over the 10 weeks of the ADI, you will build your skills toward the completion of projects that showcase your programming, data analysis, writing, and speaking skills. We provide certificates of completion to all graduating students. Graduates may also request personalized letters of recommendation from the faculty which attest to the quality of work completed during the ADI.

Access to a Lively, Tight-Knit Network

Alumni from the Applied Data Institute are invited to monthly Leadership Labs with leading practitioners in tech and academia where open dialogue is encouraged. The network also supports career preparedness with masterclasses, research sounding boards, and mentorship opportunities.

Continued Career Support

You will be a part of the Equitech Futures network even after the 10 weeks are over. You will receive specialized career development guidance through workshops, access to a mentor network, and personalized support on career planning. We are particularly supportive of students who want to take riskier career paths that have the potential to make a great social impact in the future.

Tuition and Financial Aid

With generous support from our philanthropic partners, we are providing full tuition waivers for each student admitted to the ADI.

Tuition for the Applied Data Institute is US $9500 and includes:

  • Ten weeks of instruction
  • Career support for participants throughout 2024-2025
  • Access to ongoing Equitech Alumni Network programming
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“As a woman from Nigeria, the scholarship offered by Equitech Futures helped me attend their program and explore the application of data science and AI to tackle societal challenges. Without this support, I would not have been able to launch my career in data science.”


Gift Wilfred Enang, Nigeria

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Applications OPEN
Applications Deadline
June 14, 2024
July 15, 2024
Fully Funded Program
Tentative Course Timeline
October 7 - December 20, 2024
Recent graduates and early-career professionals from STEM or computational social science backgrounds.