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A 10-week program for recent graduates and emerging leaders in the social sector
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January 2, 2024
February 1, 2023
Fully Funded Program
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February 27 - May 12, 2023
Eligibility : 
Recent graduates and early-career professionals working in governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises


Empowering Civic Leaders with Data Skills for the Public Good

The Civic Tech Institute at Equitech Futures empowers leaders in the social sector - governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises - with the data and technology skills critical to achieving impact at scale.

Our project-based curriculum, anchored in cohort-based learning and led by world-class faculty, provides a practical understanding of applied data science and AI across various domains - from public health, climate change to the nature of networked societies.

The Civic Tech Institute is designed for social impact leaders who might not have a STEM background but want to learn how cutting-edge technology tools can be leveraged for the public good.

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Accessible from Anywhere

Equitech Futures is a digital campus for emerging innovators who want to use cutting-edge science and technology tools to tackle societal challenges. We offer live, virtual, project-based courses delivered in small cohorts. We believe that focused mentorship and cross-disciplinary instruction in data science, analytical reasoning, and public communication are critical to building a prosperous and equitable future.

Problems-Focused Approach

Looking at some of the most intractable social problems of our time - climate change, public health, and networked societies - the Civic Tech Institute cohort will reckon with the context surrounding these problems, existing interventions, and new opportunities to apply data skills to engage collaboration and make a positive impact.

Tools to Accelerate Your Career

The Civic Tech Institute curriculum advances careers in social entrepreneurship, government, policy, non-governmental organizations, and non-profits. Our goal is to provide you with varied perspectives and lenses that will help you make the biggest impact in your chosen field.

"At Equitech Futures, I became much more confident and comfortable around data. I found the support that I needed to land my first role at a tech startup."


Rawan Gafar, Egypt

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What’s inside

The Curriculum

The Civic Tech Institute (CTI) is designed to teach the fundamentals of the most pressing challenges facing us today: climate, health, and networked societies. Equipped with a common understanding of these challenges, the CTI will then focus on the technological and community-based tools that can be deployed across sectors to address these challenges. This will be done via hands-on projects and "idea labs" that encourage you to explore topics deeply. You will also cultivate the essential skill of "learning to learn," which will equip you to tackle present and future challenges.

What you’ll learn

Civic Challenges

Civic Tech Toolkit

Community Action Lab

Writing Lab

"I did not study STEM in high school or college, but I was always curious about how technology can be used to solve problems. Equitech Futures gave me the opportunity to learn data science and AI surrounded by a curious, supportive global community that really made me feel at home."


Oscar Tran, United States

Who is the
program for?

We believe transformative innovators transcend disciplines and are not defined by test scores. Our ideal applicants are creative problem-solvers in the social sector who are highly motivated and persistent in the face of challenges. We want people who welcome collaborative spaces, who wear their talent with humility, who take responsibility for their own learning and growth, and who want to use their talents in the service of other people.

Eligibility Criteria

Three criteria for eligibility are:

→ Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree.

→ Applicants must be early to mid-career currently working in public policy, nonprofits, law, medicine, government, social sciences, or the arts and humanities.

→ Available to commit 20-25 hours per week over 10 weeks of instruction.

We welcome applicants from all professional, geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We particularly encourage women and individuals from underrepresented groups to apply for the Civic Tech Institute.

Selection Process

The application cycle for the 2023 cohort closed on February 1, 2023.

→ Faculty interviews with finalists are scheduled the week of February 6, 2023

→ Admissions offers for the 2023 cohort will be made by February 13, 2023

→ Written applications for the 2024 cohort will open January 2, 2024


Our faculty are leaders in their respective fields, comprising domain expertise in data science, climate science, behavioral science, public health, political theory, community organizing, and writing. Most of all, they are jointly committed to the craft of teaching. Our courses are designed for small cohorts of 25 students or fewer, ensuring that you will have bountiful opportunities to connect with our accomplished faculty in class and in individualized coachings.

“I am so grateful to have met such a diverse and passionate group of people, from all around the world. I genuinely felt supported by the faculty and I appreciated how the community values were reinforced constantly. The structure of learning in this community is unlike anything I have experienced before - it’s going to stay with me for life.”


Vedang Tarare, India

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Creating a Lifelong Community of Ambitious Minds

At the conclusion of each program term, graduates are entitled to a Certificate of Completion and are welcomed to join the Equitech Alumni Network. This cross-cohort community of talented young innovators share opportunities, collaborate on shared research, and inspire one another. A few of the privileges of alumni status include:

Continuing Education

Alumni from the Civic Tech Institute are invited to monthly Leadership Labs with leading practitioners in tech and academia where open dialogue is encouraged. The network also supports career preparedness with workshops and mentorship opportunities.

Career Support

The Civic Tech Institute curriculum is designed to advance your career in the public or social sectors. Our goal is to provide you with varied perspectives and lenses to help you envision the next generation solutions facing local communities. Faculty have written letters of recommendation for alumni who make exemplary strides in their coursework.

Regional Gatherings

In addition to online seminars and retreats, alumni are invited to attend regional "IRL" conference weekends where Equitech Futures alumni across cohorts are able to meet, ideate, and collaborate in-person. Equitech Futures faculty and staff facilitate these community gatherings. Within the last two years, we have hosted IRLs in Nairobi, London, New Delhi, Chicago, and New York.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for the Civic Tech Institute is US $9500 and includes:

- Ten weeks of instruction
- Career support for participants throughout 2023
- Access to ongoing Equitech Alumni Network programming

With generous support from our philanthropic partners, we are providing full tuition waivers for each student admitted to the CTI.

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“As a woman from Nigeria, the scholarship offered by Equitech Futures helped me attend their program and explore the application of data science and AI to tackle societal challenges. Without this support, I would not have been able to launch my career in data science.”


Gift Wilfred Enang, Nigeria

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Human progress comes from innovation - the generation of new ideas. We believe young, ambitious people around the world are brimming with new ideas to tackle the most complex challenges facing humanity. Our mission is to create a platform where we can equip them with cutting-edge technology tools and networks to accelerate their ambitions.

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Applications Open
Applications Deadline
January 2, 2024
February 1, 2023
Fully Funded Program
Tentative Course Timeline
February 27 - May 12, 2023
Recent graduates and early-career professionals working in governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises
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