Research Fellow

Apollinaire Abi

Based in Togo

I am an aspiring economic researcher with a special interest in studying how technology can efficiently help developing countries fight poverty and achieve economic growth. With a strong background in mathematics, statistics and economics, experience working with Python, R and STATA, and training in leadership, I am able to design, execute and manage research projects in any environment.

I joined Equitech Futures in summer 2022, initially as an Equitech Scholar where I received my first training in data science, and my first introduction to AI. I was thrilled to join a global passionate and young team on discussions around data, artificial intelligence and social impact. In the Tech-Enabled Learning Lab at Equitech Futures I currently work with alumni from different backgrounds on two distinct projects: one at the intersection of AI and financial inclusion, and another redefining how data science is taught in Africa. 

I hold a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Mathematics and a post-graduate diploma in Economics and Computer Science from Ashoka University in India. I also hold a diploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership from the African Leadership Academy in South Africa. Prior to joining Equitech Futures, I interned at the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID) in Nigeria where I received hands-on laboratory training in research and molecular biology. At Ashoka University, I worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for a year, for the department of Mathematics, and Computer Science. I have also worked on multiple projects creating impact on  youth education in Togo and South India.

When I am not working, you can catch me at the cinema, or playing football, volleyball or video games, or dancing.