Program Associate

Ayushi Aishwarya

Based in India

I am a gender scholar and researcher, currently completing my master's degree in Gender Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Prior to this, I completed a bachelor's degree in History from Ramjas College, University of Delhi.

While gender and popular culture are my main spheres of interest, I’m also keen on studying the impact of tech policy frameworks upon our daily interactions and access to various spaces. I'm currently exploring this in greater detail through my dissertation, which investigates the possibility of a feminist analysis of state-sanctioned data protection policies.

Shaped in great part by my background in the humanities, I am familiar with the inaccessibility of tech education, and how daunting tech-specific issues can seem. It is precisely these challenges that are influencing my work at Equitech Futures, as a Program Associate who is passionate about guiding students toward better, more advanced and simultaneously inclusive futures.

Outside of work, one can find me overanalyzing movie frames and poems, poring over revisionist accounts of mythological texts, or looking up trivia about Delhi’s monuments.