Research Fellow

Sunday Nwovu

Based in Nigeria

I'm Sunday Nwovu, an AI and Python web developer passionate about creating innovative businesses through effective research and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistics from the University of Nigeria, driven by a love for tackling challenging problems, particularly in AI and intelligent systems. After graduation, I collaborated with computer science professors at the University of Port Harcourt, exploring various research problems in ethical AI, neural networks, and machine learning. This experience solidified my commitment to the field and sparked my interest in developing practical applications.

In late 2023, I joined Equitech Futures' Applied Data Institute, where I gained advanced skills in data science, statistical analysis, and machine learning. Working with a diverse global team, we completed an ambitious capstone project that combined data analysis, NLP, LLMs, and knowledge representation. This collaboration was both challenging and rewarding, providing me with new insights and techniques. Currently, I'm working on a startup project that leverages AI to develop an intelligent content management platform aimed at helping content creators and small businesses manage their social media more effectively.

As a research fellow at Equitech Futures, I am collaborating on projects that utilize AI for social attention, creating tools to analyze large amounts of unstructured textual data. Our work focuses on developing Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems, enhancing the ability to prompt and answer questions from data while ensuring privacy. This approach allows us to handle vast datasets and extract meaningful insights without compromising sensitive information. Looking ahead, I am excited about pursuing a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence to deepen my expertise, push the boundaries of AI research and application, and contribute to projects that make a significant impact through innovative and well-researched AI-driven solutions.