Venture Fellow

Raunaq Jain

Based in Germany

I am a research fellow in the Climate Tech Lab at Equitech Futures and a masters student studying sustainable management and technology. My work at Equitech Futures uses hyperspectral satellite data combined with our proprietary AI/ML models to help measure, report, and verify carbon emissions and sequestration at scale. Measurements make markets possible. We want to help reduce barriers to entry into the carbon markets.

Given the global nature and urgency of climate change, the opportunity to work with a set of brilliant researchers who are diverse in skill, location, and cultural background makes our work a truly global collaboration effort. Additionally, as an alumnus of Equitech's Applied Data Institute, I had first-hand exposure to the unique approach of using science as a set of tools instead of siloed disciplines to solve some of the biggest problems we see around us. Today, when I work with new students in our programs, I can see this approach inspiring young minds to use their talents and skills to help create a more equitable future.

Growing up in Assam, India, I was surrounded by nature's bounty, shaping my view of us as part of nature and not apart. I completed my bachelor's degree in supply chain, technology, and business management from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. After graduation, I worked in management consulting based out of Los Angeles and Chicago. In 2017, I was selected to be part of the prestigious Young India Fellowship, a one-year liberal arts diploma that connects young change-makers in India. In 2022, I decided to further my expertise in sustainable business. I started my M.Sc. at the Technische Universität München while working at Equitech Futures as a research fellow in the Climate Tech Lab.