Our Approach

Reimagining a Curriculum for Innovation

Real-world problems defy disciplinary boundaries. Our cohort-based courses develop the valuable interdisciplinary skills needed to devise real-world solutions.

Our curriculum examines societal problems through three lenses:

A Computational Lens

Data science and artificial intelligence tools can aid the functioning of governments, businesses, and non-profits alike. The computational approach will develop your ability to understand and wield the tools that can be used to tackle societal problems.

A Systems Lens

Effective solutions for real-world problems consider the intersection between technology and wider systems. How do market failures spawn biased algorithms? How can AI solutions be integrated with healthcare policy? The systems lens builds your ability to study a problem with a broader context.

An Ethical and Societal Lens

A robust approach to problem-solving considers ethical and social implications. This means recognizing that technologies are situated within society and that our technological solutions need to be human-centered and ethically sound.

Our mission is to make innovation more inclusive.