Program Associate

Anodya Mishra

Based in India

As a student of history, Anodya possesses an enduring fascination for narratives that interweave people, places, and ideas. Armed with an undergraduate degree from Ashoka University and a postgraduate degree from the University of Delhi, Anodya arrives at Equitech Futures enriched with a diverse array of experiences.

Her professional journey has included roles as a Resident Assistant and a Program Manager during the formative years of academic institutions. Anodya is immensely passionate about equal opportunities for all, and her objective at Equitech Futures is to cultivate a community of innovators and changemakers who believe and embody this principle. Her past endeavors have seen her actively engage in industry research, communication, recruitment, and framework development. A central tenet that has guided her throughout these experiences is her unwavering commitment to social impact, a principle she intends to uphold in all her future ventures.

In her spare time, Anodya can be found geeking out on the history of Delhi, making plans to catch a play, mindlessly scrolling and laughing while watching cat videos, or asking deep personal questions to people she has just met. Alternatively, she also dabbles in freelance writing from time to time, in hopes of writing a book someday.