Research Fellow

Clinton Manoti

Based in Kenya

Right after college, I co-founded The Column Network, a platform that was designed to give budding journalists a platform to showcase their work and talk about issues that affected the African youth. After a brief successful stint, I felt I needed to be more equipped to better solve the challenges I saw around me. I decided to dive deep into technology, self-learning Python programming and taking a few online courses. It is at this point that I came across Equitech Futures' Applied Data Institute, a program that completely changed my view on how data science could be taught. It combined technology and solving real-world societal challenges, and it tied with my passion for educating others and empowering them with unique approaches to best solve pressing issues. 

At Equitech Futures, I work at the intersection of technology and education in the Tech-Enabled Learning Lab as a research associate. Working alongside expert researchers in their respective fields and other passionate young people in different geographies, we get to design and run impactful data-training programs as well as explore a host of research questions on education. 

Prior to joining Equitech Futures, I worked as a Student Experience Lead and Data Analyst at Impact Africa Network under the Bridge Career Accelerator Program. The Bridge Career Accelerator Program was designed to develop innovation leaders through mentorship, learning and practical projects. I also volunteered to teach mathematics and Swahili to young adults in Kenya who missed out on formal high school education to gain college-level entry grades and further their education. I hold a Bachelors degree (Honours) in economics and a post-graduate diploma in Advanced Studies and Research (DipASR) from Ashoka University in India.