Research Fellow

Mohammed Mohammed

Based in UAE

I'm a business enthusiast, and I love building products that can make a positive impact on the community. In 2020, I co-founded Yalla Nabda Business, which translates to "Let's start a business" in English—a small startup providing innovative business solutions for startups and small businesses in Sudan. Through this experience, I gained valuable insights into business and entrepreneurship, and our venture was remarkably successful. Additionally, I delved into data analysis, marking my initial foray into the world of data science. This field quickly captured my attention, leading me to engage in various data analysis projects. 

Subsequently, I joined Equitech Futures in their Applied Data Institute program—an experience that stands out as one of the most fascinating aspects of 2023. During this program, I honed my skills in data science, statistical analysis, and machine learning. I also built a network of data professionals from different parts of the world, collaborating with them on a capstone project and learning from each other. Currently, I am engaged in a research fellowship, collaborating with amazing individuals. I am thrilled to contribute to research projects aimed at solving business challenges and enhancing productivity through AI. 

Looking ahead, I plan to pursue a master's degree in business analytics—a unique course that integrates advanced technology into the business domain, which aligns with my core interests. I am particularly interested in establishing my own tech company to provide business services. You can learn more about me here -