Venture Fellow

Andrew Kimani

Based in Kenya

In my first year of studying computer science at the University of Nairobi, I was introduced to a world of machines - from cyber security to software engineering - but I was growing ever unsure of the path I would take, even though I was all the more interested in technology.

Joining the Equitech Scholars program over my school holiday was my introduction to data science and AI, topics that not only captured my interest from the onset but also ones that cemented my understanding of the role that technology could play in solving societal challenges. Through a well conceived project in the Writing Lab course, I was able to think more critically about education inequality in Kenya, which is a challenge I had been keen to solve.

Now as part of the Tech-Enabled Learning Lab at Equitech Futures, I get to work at the intersection of technology, data, and education. I am gaining many skills along the way and learning alongside experts. With my colleagues coming from various disciplines, I am reminded everyday of the importance of interdisciplinary education, which informs the choices I continue to make in my studies.

As I continue my undergraduate studies in computer science, I will begin modules on entrepreneurial leadership in the new term.

Beyond all this, I’m a film lover, and I enjoy cycling around my hometown in Kajiado.